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Click here to discover the heartwarming "A Tale of Two Pitties" children's book series. The series begins with the true story of abandoned pit bull Hurley and how his life is changed once he's rescued from the shelter. As the books go on you'll meet the other animals that are adopted into the family along the way, share in their adventures and help your child learn the important value of adopting animals.

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Neighborhood Watch Merch


If you follow @ataleof2pitties on social media and are a fan of their web-series "Neighborhood Watch", you'll definitely want to check this out! Not sure what the "Neighborhood Watch" series is? Follow @ataleof2pitties and @mayorroo on Instagram and YouTube and see what you've been missing!

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Kannaway CBD for Humans and Pets


Discover the highest quality CBD on the market to help you AND your pet have the highest quality of health! Kannaway's products are made with non-GMO hemp grown free of chemicals, pesticides and herbicides and are Triple Lab Tested. Click to find CBD for you and your family - including your beloved fur-babies!

Questions? Contact Aleece at aleece.occhino@gmail.com or Dianne at ataleof2pitties@gmail.com

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Interview With Founder Di Scott


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